Cheap USB-C Cables Could Kill Your Phone or Laptop

Benson Leung, an engineer on Google’s Pixel team, was doing God’s work by risking his Chromebook Pixel, which charges via USB-C, to test every single USB-C to USB-A cord available to general consumers. One crappy cord, and his $1500 computer would be fried.

You know how this story ends right? On Monday, a cheap cord purchased from Amazon destroyed all his testing equipment, including his computer. According to Leung’s Google Plus page, the “SurjTech 3M USB 3.1 Type C to Standard Type A” cord was unbelievably poorly made, with some necessary wires soldered incorrectly, and other wires missing. (Mercifully, the faulty cable is no longer available for purchase on the site.)

While the SurjTech cable is the most destructive one Leung’s tested, it isn’t the only cord capable of damaging your devices.

And if you’re curious about how good other Type-C to Type-A cords are, Reddit has created a helpful spreadsheet covering all of Leung’s reviews.


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