Agent Carter Has Become One of the Most Unique Stories in the Marvel Universe

Agent Carter is a show all about sexism, and particularly all about the notion that after World War II, women who had made a material contribution to the war effort were told to go back to their old subordinate roles. But whereas the show’s first season was a fairly simple story, season two is delving into a lot more complexity.

Spoilers ahead…

In season one of Agent Carter, the kick-in-the-guts intensity comes from seeing Peggy, who we know is ultra-capable and a total badass, being understimated and mistreated by her colleagues at the SSR. All of the men believe she’s just there to fetch coffee and answer the phones. And meanwhile, Peggy has been forced to betray her colleagues in order to clear Howard Stark’s name—so she actually is behaving in a manner unworthy of an SSR agent. It’s a pretty wrenching storyline, in which Peggy is simultaneously dealing with guilt and unfair discrimination.

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