23 Things from The World of Ice and Fire That We’d Love to See on Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin’s novels about Westeros are fiendishly addictive, because he’s created a world that’s just crammed full of amazing details. And Game of Thrones captures that feeling pretty well—until you read Martin’s guidebook, The World of Ice and Fire and realize just how much more there is. On almost every page, there’s something that makes you go, “I’d kill to see this on television.”

Here are 23 things from The World of Ice and Fire that we’d be most stoked to see realized on the screen. (HBO might need to borrow a few billion dollars for some of these. But hey, it’s for art.)

1) The Green Men!

The Children of the Forest made a pact with the First Men, in which the First Men agreed to stop cutting down the weirwood trees that are an important part of the worship of the Old Gods. And the Children were consigned to the forests, while the First Men lived everywhere else.

To witness this pact, they carved faces into all the trees on this one island, and left the Green Men behind to guard the island—the Green Men had green scaly skin and horns (or possibly just green clothing and horned helmets) and they MAY STILL BE THERE.


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