FaveoTechnica.com is a hobby project reflecting my interest in science, technology, hardware and gadgets. Apart from myself the site is run with the aid of a number of volunteers. Every visitor to the site also has the option to sign up and submit articles or reviews.


Initially, back in 2013b I bought the domain with the intention of creating a central depository for FAQ’s, documents, and files related to my work. Alas, this was not to be, so I had to find another purpose for the site. My second idea was for a DIY site where people could exhibit their projects, explaining how to build all kind of things, and the site would automatically link to various shops where readers could purchase the parts needed. After a few months of development the conclusion was that this idea was too adventurous for me to accomplish. The third idea is what you see now – a much simpler news/review/articles website.

The FaveoTechnica name originated by way of the first idea: a collection of FAQ’s or documents. I liked the idea of a ‘latin’ name reflecting the purpose of the site, and names like “Bibliotheca Tabula” and “Archivo Technica” were concidered. As is often the case nowadays, all the good names were already taken, and so I finally settled on FaveoTechnica.


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