Zetetic Astronomy EARTH NOT A GLOBE – Chapter I

Samuel Birley Rowbotham, under the pseudonym ‘Parallax’, published a 16 page pamphlet in 1849, turning it into a 221 page book in 1865. The third edition, expanded to 430 pages, followed in 1881. For those interested you can find a copy of the 1881 edition on the Sacred Texts website. It is also available in print from the Amazon website.



Chapter I. Zetetic and Theoretic Defined and Compared
Chapter II. Experiments Demonstrating the True Form of Standing Water, and Proving the Earth to be a Plane
Chapter III. The Earth No Axial or Orbital Motion
Chapter IV. The True Form and Magnitude of the Earth
Chapter V. The True Distance of the Sun
Chapter VI. The Sun’s Motion, Concentric With the Polar Centre
Chapter VII. The Sun’s Path Expands and Contracts Daily for Six Months Alternately
Chapter VIII. Cause of Day and Night, Winter and Summer; and the Long Alternations of Light and Darkness at the Northern Centre
Chapter IX. Cause Of Sunrise And Sunset.
Chapter X. Cause of Sun Appearing Larger When Rising and Setting Than at Noonday
Chapter XI. Cause of Solar and Lunar Eclipses
Chapter XII. The Cause of Tides
Chapter XIII. The Earth’s True Position in the Universe; Comparatively Recent Formation; Present Chemical Condition; and Approaching Destruction by Fire
Chapter XIV. Examination of the So-Called ”Proofs” of the Earth’s Rotundity