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Zetetic Astronomy EARTH NOT A GLOBE – Chapter II

Chapter II. Experiments Demonstrating the True Form of Standing Water, and Proving the Earth to be a Plane Rowbotham starts his Experiments chapter with an introduction to the Drop = 8 x (distance in miles)^2 rule. See below. The actual experiments can be found from page 2 onward. Experiments ...

Zetetic Astronomy EARTH NOT A GLOBE – Chapter I

Samuel Birley Rowbotham, under the pseudonym 'Parallax', published a 16 page pamphlet in 1849, turning it into a 221 page book in 1865. The third edition, expanded to 430 pages, followed in 1881. For those interested you can find a copy of the 1881 edition on the Sacred Texts website. It is also ...